Archive | July, 2014

2 dead fish and a new job

30 Jul

I definitely should not have mentioned the fish. I woke up 2 days running to see one floating at the top of the tank each morning! 6 became 4. Absolutely not ideal. Poor fish. Anyway, after my super relaxed week ‘job hunting’ (ie. sitting on a beach waiting for someone to email me with an […]

Young, free and jobless in Gran Canaria

22 Jul

So I quit my job, adios. At the end of the day, it wasn’t the right job for me. It felt pretty good to say goodbye to the ants that crawled over my desk and the constant fear of cockroaches scuttling by my seat. On the other hand, I am now unemployed in a paradise, […]

Fin de Semana Loco

14 Jul

Out of some random act of kindness I finished work at 1.3opm Friday and could therefore fully enjoy my weekend. After having my boss delete half of my day’s work, I was definitely ready to collapse on my roof terrace and catch some rare rays in Las Palmas. Luckily it was a beautiful day, unluckily, in […]

Week Numero 1

8 Jul

A week in and I’m still loving the island. The only fault I can see is that I cannot understand a single thing the locals are saying. In my rush to find a job in Spain, I didn’t manage to research the area enough to find out that they speak in an extremely strange accent […]

First Weekend in Las Palmas

2 Jul

So the time to head off for my year discovering Europe came about a lot more quickly than I could ever imagine, probably because out of nowhere the company I was going to work for asked for me to arrive 3 weeks earlier than I expected, not ideal. However, having just finished my exams, and […]