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Alpes d’Huez

20 Apr

A week of partying in the mountains of France was a pleasant change to the bars along the beaches of the Canary Islands or the piazza of Brescia. Here’s a post about yet another trip to ski, although this time in different country to Italy. Bristol Uni took 1500 students on a stupidly long coach journey […]

Travelling Italia

13 Apr

Although my little village is super small, it has an un-reliable bus into Brescia which means I’m not as cut off from humanity as I first anticipated. In fact, I have already visited Verona, but in the last month I also made it to 3 other places in Italy. Sadly, one was not Rome to see the […]

I’m never working as a teacher again

5 Apr

Well over a month into my Italian placement already! Time flies when you’re having fun. I’ll tell you when I’m not having fun though, when I’m working in an Italian primary school. The kids are little rascals. They cough and dribble all over me and they actually have fist fights over who get’s to stand next […]