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My guide to surviving a teaching assistantship

29 May

I’m so very nearly at the end of my English teaching assistant job in Italy. I say job, but they haven’t paid me a penny/cent so let’s call it a voluntary placement which I had to do or I would have been kicked off my uni course. I have been working with mostly 6 year […]

Blame it on the prosecco

22 May

The end is nigh and I can’t wait for it all to be over. I am just itching to get away from this strange little town and be free to holiday and spend the rest of my Erasmus grant as I wish. I have only 2 weeks left here! Where has the time gone. Summer […]


14 May

I think I have finally found my true home. I was at one with the pale skinned, blonde haired, blue eyed people of Denmark. There’s actually¬†somewhere I fit in! So much so that I was forced to give¬†countless blank looks and expressions of despair to strangers who thought they could jabber at me in Danish. […]

Rock climbing and a massive hangover

4 May

It’s always been hard for me to go back abroad after a period of time at home, however this one was different. This is the home straight to the end of my year abroad! Not literally, because I’ll still be travelling and doing fun stuff over summer, but my placement officially ends in 4 weeks. […]