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Guide for New & Wannabe Cabin Crew

3 Mar

So you’re thinking about being cabin crew, or you’ve just had your offer letter – congratulations! It feels so exciting but so so scary not knowing what the next few weeks have in store for you. After flying for 2 years with BA, and completing a few other assessments, I have put together a little […]

60 Hours in Cape Town

20 Dec

My favourite city in the world. There is just so much to do here! So here are my highlights. Hiking Table Mountain and Lion’s Head overlook the bay of the city, Robben Island and the most beautiful waters. Both of these hikes are quite accessible, but don’t bother attempting them when it’s windy, or you will […]

48 Hours in Beijing

16 Oct

The Princess of China returns… ..And this time, I travelled over as a passenger! There was a super last minute aircraft change meaning I was randomly selected from the crew to position over to Beijing in order to make up the crew numbers to bring a larger aircraft home. It’s not so bad sitting in […]

48 Hours in San Jose

31 Aug

Ok so this was a weird one for me. I was called off of standby just as I settled in to the Singapore F1 qualifying. Underprepared was an understatement. My hair wasn’t even up, disaster, right? But it’s not all bad! I got to spend 48 hours in beautiful autumnal California instead of sitting with […]

48 Hours in Buenos Aires

17 Jul

Another day, another continent… and I’m being a little cheeky with this one as technically it was a 5 day trip, but it consisted of 2 night flights so in reality I only had a little over 48 hours there anyway. Similar to KL I guess. Argentina! A new destination on my roster for July, […]

48 Hours in Kuala Lumpur

30 May

Being 787 trained last month lead to one very important thing – new routes! May’s roster bought with it some standard trips and then the one thing I’d been hoping for… a 5 day trip to the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The trip consists of two night flights, so although on the surface it’s […]

Miss Popular

28 Mar

One of the best things about this job is not only making new friends in random countries around the world, but also being able to catch up with all ma pals dotted about the globe. After a banging team trip to Nairobi last month, March included another mini team reunion as Raj & I flew to Bangkok […]

Happy BA-nniversary to me

4 Mar

HOW HAS IT ACTUALLY BEEN A YEAR ALREADY. I still feel new and  inexperienced, but also constantly  jet lagged and like I’ve aged by 7 years. Sat in Aguas Calientes in Peru last month, I was refreshing my work roster ferociously to find out what February would have in store for me to mark this momentous […]

The 8 month flop

6 Dec

For someone who is basically always on holiday, (minus the small task of working a massive flight to/from the destination), I have never needed a break as badly as I did this month. It was an actual craving. The struggle was real. Luckily my annual leave fell in November so I only had the small job […]

Try not to forget your ID next time

5 Nov

There’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling you get as you pull up to the staff carpark at LHR, clutching your neck for your ID to swipe, only to find theres nothing there. They will make you return home to fetch it, and they will put you on airport standby for 6 hours, and they […]