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End of an era, Gran Canaria lowdown

16 Jan

Gran Canaria was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. The last month or so was extra fun. I had visits from my boyfriend and family, so I got to show off my speaking skills and give (poorly) guided tours around the island. I think that the end of my time on the […]

4 months later…

3 Nov

Literally how has 4 months gone so quickly. It is kind of sad how fast the time on my year abroad is going. My friends are just starting their’s and my first half is so nearly over! Although I’m kind of bored of the island, I have some super cool things planned for my last […]

Megan in Gran Can

6 Oct

So last week I was lucky enough to have one of my best pals join me for the week prior to my birthday. We had SO MUCH FUN. I don’t think I have been so active in my life. We did some surfing which was good as the waves were pretty huge but not massive […]

Surfing is not my sport

15 Sep

If I have learnt anything over the past two weekends it is how awful my co-ordintion is. I cannot surf to save my life. I spent more time being hit in the face by the board then laying on it, and was absolutely nowhere near to making it to my feet. It’s also super painful, […]

Did I really just eat an octopus

1 Sep

Coming from the girl who hadn’t tried a curry until the age of 18, I really did not expect to eat sushi and some poor fried octopus in the space of 48 hours. I actually quite enjoyed the sushi! The octopus, however, was up there with one of the worst things I’ve ever eaten, along […]

New Year’s Eve in August

19 Aug

Only in Spain would they reenact New Year’s Eve in the hottest month of the year. Vegueta was absolutely heaving, as in there was literally zero space to move. There were massive stages with DJs and everyone ate 12 grapes at midnight and humungous balloons were released. An absolutely mad tradition. I’m not complaining though as it […]

Look who’s here

9 Aug

Last weekend’s events included the greatly anticipated arrival of my family to Gran Canaria! I had been looking forward to it all week, and the thought of seeing them definitely helped the days drag that little bit less. Although work is going well, (I now answer the telephone without throwing a little fit each time), it […]

Week Numero 1

8 Jul

A week in and I’m still loving the island. The only fault I can see is that I cannot understand a single thing the locals are saying. In my rush to find a job in Spain, I didn’t manage to research the area enough to find out that they speak in an extremely strange accent […]

First Weekend in Las Palmas

2 Jul

So the time to head off for my year discovering Europe came about a lot more quickly than I could ever imagine, probably because out of nowhere the company I was going to work for asked for me to arrive 3 weeks earlier than I expected, not ideal. However, having just finished my exams, and […]