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60 Hours in Reykjavik

29 Jan

Iceland is amazing and you will totally fall in love with it like I did. I’m going to tell you why and how to do it for slightly less than usual, because a trip to this country is nearly as expensive as pilot school… Day 1 Take the earliest flight out to Keflavik as possible. Location […]

48 Hours in Berlin

27 Apr

So very recently I surprised my little sister with a mini getaway to Berlin! It’s a city neither of us had visited before, mostly due to the fact we’ve spent so much time in Spain & Italy, or over in the States visiting our family. It was a bit of a rogue choice, and booked […]

Mishaps in South America

2 Feb

Two blood-related blondes taking on South America, what could go wrong? Mishap number 1: Choosing to use my staff travel. Sadly delays and cancellations left me on a jumpseat of a 777 for 10 hours en route to Houston. Shout out to the operating crew for supplying me with champagne and baileys though. Some heroes […]


21 Jul

And that’s a wrap! My year abroad is over! It feels like an incredibly long time ago thinking back to starting the second half of my year abroad in Italy, let alone completing my placement in Gran Canaria or even my very first weekend in Las Palmas, but yet the time has genuinely whizzed by. The […]


14 May

I think I have finally found my true home. I was at one with the pale skinned, blonde haired, blue eyed people of Denmark. There’s actually somewhere I fit in! So much so that I was forced to give countless blank looks and expressions of despair to strangers who thought they could jabber at me in Danish. […]

Alpes d’Huez

20 Apr

A week of partying in the mountains of France was a pleasant change to the bars along the beaches of the Canary Islands or the piazza of Brescia. Here’s a post about yet another trip to ski, although this time in different country to Italy. Bristol Uni took 1500 students on a stupidly long coach journey […]

Naples, Florida

1 Feb

I am extremely lucky to have so many family members all over the world, which makes travelling to exotic places so much easier for me. In December, I took some time to  venture over to the city of Naples in Florida, a Gulf-Coast region lined with white sandy beaches and clear waters and dolphins; literally a […]