Mishaps in South America

2 Feb

Two blood-related blondes taking on South America, what could go wrong? Mishap number 1: Choosing to use my staff travel. Sadly delays and cancellations left me on a jumpseat of a 777 for 10 hours en route to Houston. Shout out to the operating crew for supplying me with champagne and baileys though. Some heroes […]

The 8 month flop

6 Dec

For someone who is basically always on holiday, (minus the small task of working a massive flight to/from the destination), I have never needed a break as badly as I did this month. It was an actual craving. The struggle was real. Luckily my annual leave fell in November so I only had the small job […]

Try not to forget your ID next time

5 Nov

There’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling you get as you pull up to the staff carpark at LHR, clutching your neck for your ID to swipe, only to find theres nothing there. They will make you return home to fetch it, and they will put you on airport standby for 6 hours, and they […]

A Wonder of the World and a wall

30 Sep

I am truly knackered. A broken human being. What an amazing/horrendous trip that was. The notorious Singapore/Sydney route is wanted by nearly every BA crew each month. Finally after 5 months of dodgy rosters, I found myself boarding the 14 hour flight over to SIN. I’ve seen so many photos of Singapore but nothing compares […]

That time I drove to the wrong airport

28 Aug

The feeling a 5 year old experiences on Christmas eve, crossed with the stress of the evening before exam results day, is genuinely the way I feel the night before roster publication. Can you even blame me though? There’s nothing I fret more than seeing those fateful three letters on my roster – LOS. Finally, […]

Air hostess or professional tourist?

30 Jul

Up until now, besides the occasional poke or bad word, it’s all been pretty plain sailing (excuse the pun). However, July has been the month of issues for me. For starters, I was scheduled a 4 DAY LAGOS TRIP from a standby block. 100% not the one. Being stuck back in my worst destination for […]

When you accidentally take half of June off as leave

28 Jun

Being the spontaneous person I am, 6 months ago I somehow managed to book the majority of June off, and then totally forgot about it. What a surprise when the month’s roster came out. This month I have only three trips, and like 2 and a half weeks of holiday to use up. Luckily for […]

Why do they keep sending me to Nigeria?

20 May

Short haul misery is finally over with, and I was rewarded with my lovely 3 day trip to Oman which I spent eating cheese & tomato pizza, sippin’ diet coke, and baking myself in the 40 degree heat by the lavish pool. So un-culturally stimulating, but what a treat it was. However, maybe I shouldn’t have […]

Short Haul Suzie

10 Apr

OK, so In hindsight, I was definitely being over dramatic. Nigeria was so much fun. Never would I have thought I’d have such a cracking 24 hours in such a rogue location. My first flight went extremely well! There was only one fight between passengers during the whole 6 hours flying time; something I’d definitely say […]

Guess who’s back with a brand new… uniform?

17 Mar

When I left this last, I was heading back to Bristol for my last year of my BA in Spanish/Italian; which I’m very proud to say went excellently and I graduated with a top degree in July 2016. So after a summer gallivanting around South East Asia, and a winter spent split between trying my […]