Hola Everyone

I’m Suzie and welcome to my blog! I’m a 27 year old Commercial Pilot from Hampshire. I originally began this diary to document my Year Abroad living in Gran Canaria and Italy. However, I’ve since graduated from the University of Bristol, completed a 2 year stint as British Airways Cabin Crew, and now flying around Europe as a business jet pilot! Here, I write about my experiences, and adventures from around the globe.

  • Pilots & Pandemics

    What an awful time to be a qualified Commercial Pilot, hey? I thought I had it pretty bad when my airline sponsor went bust. Being forced from the Flybe MPL to a whitetail ATPL (and from the B737 simulator back to the Piper Warrior), felt pretty rough at the time. Little did I know just how slim the [...]

  • 48 Hours in Seville

    Having spent nearly two years living in Andalusia, Seville became my absolute favourite spot for a city break. With an international airport, and much fewer tourists than most Spanish areas, this pretty city will quickly become top of you bucket list! DAY 1 Take a morning flight out to Seville to make the most of [...]

  • Guide for New & Wannabe Cabin Crew

    So you’re thinking about being cabin crew, or you’ve just had your offer letter – congratulations! It feels so exciting but so so scary not knowing what the next few weeks have in store for you. After flying for 2 years with BA, and completing a few other assessments, I have put together a little guide that may help you [...]

Now a private jet pilot, I started studying at a flight school in Spain in February 2019. Here’s my journey to the cockpit, some tips for those embarking on theirs, and how I’m finding life as a First Officer.

My city guides cover five continents and some of the most wonderful cities in the world! From Cape Town to Kuala Lumpur, here are my thoughts on what to see and do in some beautiful locations.

I spent two amazing years working as Cabin Crew for British Airways. Here you can find a day in the life, my monthly lowdowns as well as my guide for new or wannabe crew!

With love, Suzie