Having spent nearly two years living in Andalusia, Seville became my absolute favourite spot for a city break. With an international airport, and much fewer tourists than most Spanish areas, this pretty city will quickly become top of you bucket list!


Take a morning flight out to Seville to make the most of your time. The airport is a little out of the city, but Ubers are ridiculously cheap, and there is a city centre bus that leaves Arrivals, for about €4 or €5; just out of the doors and turn left. When choosing somewhere to stay, Air BnB is a perfect option, allowing you to set up a self-sufficient base to explore from without the annoying hotel for locking curfews. Consider looking for somewhere close to Las Setas in the Encarnación Regina area. It’s not bang in the centre giving you some space from any selfie-stick fanatic crowds and a little respite from tourist over-pricing.

Don’t waste any time! Head straight out and jump in a €5 uber (or walk if it’s not a sizzling 40 degrees C) to Plaza de España. I can guarantee you haven’t seen anything quite like it. Everyone I bring here says that it takes their breath away. Welcome to the most exquisite square in Andalusia; built in 1928 and now used as some boring but beautiful government buildings. On your walk around it, note all the regions of Spain represented in mosaic, or even rent a row boat from the ice cream hut for €10 for 30 minutes to float peacefully under the bridges. After, take a little walk through the gardens surrounding the plaza, and stop off at Restaurante La Raza for an ice cold bottle of Cava and an Iberian meats and cheese platter to refuel.

Find your way back to your hotel for a little pre dinner chill, and then its drinks time!

The area of Las Setas have the most buzzing little bars. If its a €1 cerveza or an espresso martini, there is something for everyone around here. I once stayed in Hotel Palacia Sevilla which has a rooftop jacuzzi overlooking the square – a definite gem! Dinner will be at the tapas bar La Malvaloca. Order EVERYTHING because it literally is that good. Especially the patatas bravas. They also have a banging selection of mojitos and local beers. Also this is my go to for an Aperol Spritz when I am desperate.

Time for an after dinner stroll through the crazy little streets. Wind your way through the city to the cathedral, to see it lit up in the night time in all its glory. There’s plenty of bars to stop off at on the way; Seville is perfect for a bar crawl. Don’t let any Irish drag you to O’Neils! There are way more cultural spots than Irish pubs, as great as they are. You’ll just have enough time (and energy) to pop to Hotel EME Catedral for a cocktail on their rooftop bar.


Start the day with some Spanish breads and pastries at the bakery on Calle de la Campana, followed by some morning shopping. Be sure to pop down the side streets for the artisan shops! And obviously visit the Sephora and Zara…

Next up we are heading to the Alcázar. This was built as a royal palace, and nowadays is famous for appearing as a filming location in Game of Thrones. The buildings and gardens are the perfect place to wander about, soaking in the local history and the Spanish sun. Maybe slip a little gin hip flask into your bumbags for some added organised fun. It’s not too far from the cathedral square either, so pop along to see it in the daylight and pick up your souvenirs. Grab a charcuterie board and some Spanish vino in one of the pretty little plazas to finish up your adventures in Old Centre.

Stumble your way back to Las Setas and you should be just in time for sunset!

It’s the most beautiful wood-like structure overhanging the buzzing little plaza below. It has many nicknames, but my favourite would be The Mushroom, as it’s pretty funny to think you’re climbing up a vegetable. If you think it seems extravagant from below, you haven’t seen anything yet! You can go up it in a lift for only a few euros per person, and you get a free postcard on your way out from the gift shop with your ticket receipt. Winning.

It’s so lovely to wander along. You get 360 degree panoramic views of the city above the rooftops, making it super picturesque around the time the sun goes down, so time it well! There is also a pizza and Prosecco bar on the top if you’re in need of a pit stop, but if you’ve followed this guide correctly, you’re probably tipsy enough already.

For dinner, choose another restaurant local to my favourite square. We loved trying out the Tabernas on the roads branching off from the Plaza Mayor. After dinner, take a leisurely stroll down to the river. There are some gorgeous water side cocktail bars on Calle Betis to try, followed by a short hop across the bridge to Paseo de Cristóbal for a night at the bars. It’s like a mini Magaluf strip with good price gin & tonics, some lovely Reggaeton, (if you like that kind of thing), and plenty of outside seating. Don’t go toooo crazy though; the Spanish measures are lethal. You’ll be happy to know there’s a Maccies just around the corner to help you sober up for tomorrow morning’s flight.

If you’re not off home, at only a 10 minute journey to Seville’s train station, this is the perfect city to start off some travels around Andalusia. Head South towards Jerez de la Frontera for some very authentic, traditional experiences, followed by a trip down the coast to Puerto de Santa María and Cadíz for some pretty beaches and architecture.

Enjoy this Spanish gem!