Another day, another continent… and I’m being a little cheeky with this one as technically it was a 5 day trip, but it consisted of 2 night flights so in reality I only had a little over 48 hours there anyway. Similar to KL I guess.

Argentina! A new destination on my roster for July, and a new route for Mixed Fleet as it made its way over to us from Worldwide in June. Sadly it is winter there right now, so do pack warmly. Here is my crew guide to getting the most out of the crazy little place that is Buenos Aires!


Now for us, day 1 was extremely special. We landed after a 14 hour flight from London departing the night before, getting us on the ground around 9.30am. The whole crew only had one thing on their minds (well 2 things), nap, and watch England in the World Cup semis! We found a little bar named El Salmon, (only after being coaxed into the joint next door where the staff were dressed as pirates so we promptly left), just 10 minutes walking from our crew hotel. The beer was fine, there were fries and we could watch the game; what more could you ask for? In reality, without the distraction of the football I would have undertaken one of many free walking tours >> It is such a beautiful city, with so many secrets you can only find out from locals.

When dinner time comes around, head to Juana M, a lovely hidden gem of a restaurant around 15 minutes from the hotel. It even opens early from 7.30pm for crew. It has such amazing steak. If you’re an NV-80 fan in CPT, you’re about to experience a whole new meaning to beef. Oh, and the Malbec is a must. Dinner also comes with a free salad bar. So reasonable. If you stay until after all the diners have departed the staff have a little post-work gathering which a couple of us were cordially invited to. The perfect opportunity to practise that Spanglish.


A totally clear day in Buenos Aires! You’ll need a little lie in, so head over to La Boca when you feel like you can face the day. There are so many little colourful places to grab some brunch. It feels super European yet Argentinian at the same time, with latin flavours popping up all over the place. Watch out for the school children though. There are some beautiful, artisan trinkets in some of the gift shops, and the crepes on sale are to die for!

For your last Argentine evening, book onto one of the diner & tango shows advertised at reception. We chose to head to San Telmo, to eat and watch the show at El Viejo Almacén.

It’s a 3 course set menu but super tasty, with pretty much unlimited wine & soft drinks.

The show itself was really great, and we had a front row seat. They alternate between dancing, singing & music from both the band and traditional groups. It was the perfect end to our Latin American escape.


Just enough time for a coffee and pastry before a midday pickup. It’s a long old trek home, but the city is totally worth it.

Hope you all enjoy!