One of the best things about this job is not only making new friends in random countries around the world, but also being able to catch up with all ma pals dotted about the globe.

After a banging team trip to Nairobi last month, March included another mini team reunion as Raj & I flew to Bangkok together. I tried desperately to get off of this trip, as realistically, a rowdy plane journey over to Thailand, (a place I swore I would never return to after backpacking there for a month), was not top of my list. Besides, this route is notorious for being hard work and demanding on your body. HOWEVER, how wrong I was. Seriously, another one of my favourite trips yet.

The hotel we stay in has an adorable roof top bar and an infinity pool, giving the idea of a mini oasis in the middle of the gross city of Bangkok.

We drank in the local Irish bar (typical crew), after a day spent lounging in the sun and napping to prep for a big night out in Khao San Road. The crew were so much fun, and the place was heeaaving. So many drinks, so much dancing, so many near road traffic accidents, but we made it back to the hotel in one piece, covered in cooked scorpions, cocktail buckets and travellers’ sweat. Sick night though. I wasn’t so cultural in Thailand as I couldn’t be bothered to visit the floating markets, the temples or the train that squeezes through a small gap or something – stuff that all other crew usually do. Instead I went for a massage. Now, be careful when choosing a parlour, I’m sure you’ve heard about all sorts of dodgy stiff going on. I went for a facial and ended up with some woman kneeling on my back whilst I had cucumber on my eyes. Interesting tactics.

Next up, another trip to Seattle, very boring so I won’t divulge. Had good weather and ate chicken strips so can’t complain.

I’ll let you into one of my little blonde moments so you can all have a giggle. I bid ferociously this month for a Singapore/Sydney trip. I’m desperate to get back to Oz to visit one of my besties, but scheduling haven’t been too generous lately, especially with how high my hours are. When roster day arrived, I saw a glimpse of my next month’s schedule (crew – you know how this stupid system ruins your evening), and in bold it was written I had received a trip I had bid for! Yes!! I was off to Singapore! Checking again the next morning, I realised I was heading to San Diego. Bimbo me was bidding for SAN rather than SIN. Whoops.

Anyway, this actually was the perfect trip to see another one of my besties from Cali, and my cousin even popped over from Texas, making for a little girls weekend getaway. Ellen and I have already caused chaos in LA and San Diego, and Katie and I have experienced many questionable situations in South America, so it was the perfect grouping. We partied hard in the local bars, Barley Mash was a particular favourite, but also the Sky Bar downtown.

Renting rollerblades down on Pacific Beach was a highlight, and we got to stumble our way along one of the prettiest coast lines before heading to a sunset bar for tacos and margaritas until we were suitable merry and doing cartwheels on the shore. Oh and a top brunch in SD is Breakfast Republic – check it out! Thanks for coming gals.

Coming off of a high from such a cracking trip is made extra difficult when your next time back to work is a standby block. This one turned out OK in the end though with lengthy night-stops in Prague, Milan and Vienna, with lovely crew.

Even though it was 5 days of extreme early starts, the ice cream waffle doughnut thing in Prague totally made up for it. Oh my gosh it was something from a fantasy world. You must get one when visiting the old town.

My frankfurter in Vienna didn’t quite meet the same standards, but everyone eats sausages there so why shouldn’t I. Milan was my first taste of real Italian pizza since living there when I was 21, and it didn’t disappoint.

Dinner in a different European destination each evening; what a fancy life I lead.