Literally how has 4 months gone so quickly.

It is kind of sad how fast the time on my year abroad is going. My friends are just starting their’s and my first half is so nearly over! Although I’m kind of bored of the island, I have some super cool things planned for my last 4 weeks here. There’s only so much to see and do on a 1500 km2 island though. I can’t wait to be back in England for 2 months but I definitely will miss this place. The weather, the people, the lifestyle.

I now have some sort of random Andalusian/Italian/Canarian accent with a lisp when I speak Spanish, which isn’t ideal. At least I can speak and understand more than before I came. Even though my most used phrase is probably mojito de fresa, ¿tienes?, I am still happy with my new lang skills.

On a lower note, my great, amazing, fab flat is going downhill fast. We currently have no hot water, no drinking water, a broken oven and someone put a sign up on the wall telling me I wasn’t allowed to feed the fish. My flatmates will probably be happy to see the back of me seeing as they still hold a grudge and call me a fish killer. Not fair.

Halloween here wasn’t quite like in England. I really missed getting dressed up with my fav friends and going to some cheesy club! Here about 5 people over the age of 7 were in fancy dress, and those who were had the most terrifying face paint ever. Every bar was packed to the brim and drinks were stupidly expensive, and no one knew that I was dressed as a half skeleton half candy skull. Personally I thought it was easy to guess.