If I have learnt anything over the past two weekends it is how awful my co-ordintion is. I cannot surf to save my life. I spent more time being hit in the face by the board then laying on it, and was absolutely nowhere near to making it to my feet. It’s also super painful, but addictive, and I want to keep going until I get it. Until that point I’ll be that lame, drowning girl who concerns the lifeguards.

I also learnt that partying with the locals is so much fun. I went out with some friends of a friend and they knew absolutely everyone in Las Palmas and therefore I did not spend a cent the whole night. We had another bank holiday (the Spanish seem to find any excuse not to work), so it was really nice to party and then chill on the beach the next day. Especially with my super long working hours I’d been given.

So I asked if I could lower my hours at work and it was the best thing I ever queried. Working practically 9-9 was not going well with my GC lifestyle. Now I work 5 hours each day and it is so much nicer to have some free time. However, I have started teaching classes at the academy, which is all fine and swell until the class look at each other and state in Spanish that they can’t understand my accent. It was pretty awkward, so I found myself having to drop letters and mispronunciate words so they could get what I was saying. I didn’t even think I had an accent. How is it possible they understand an Irish girl but not me?

Another thing I am not happy about is how no one in my house wants to take responsibility for the fish so they are letting them die. I am secretly feeding them everyday because I won’t be help accountable for (accidentally) murdering any more.